Why Is Salt Used to Melt Ice on the Roads

Salt is used to melt ice on the roads because salt makes it difficult for water to bond together in the cold to create ice.

This is what it means to ‘lower the freezing point of water’. This method is used to prevent resistance to concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Ice on roads can become hazardous for driving, walking and biking etc. This is due to the slippery sheen that builds up as the water collects from precipitation or snow.

Every year millions of dollars are spent on snow removal to keep the public safe from accidents.

Snow removal in heavily saturated areas can cost 5 million dollars or more to the transportation budget depending on the amount of removal needed.

Salt is used or a brine solution to create a pre-treatment for the roads preventing issues by allowing it to dry and settle into the materials of the asphalt before a storm comes.

This works to break up any particles making it easier to keep up with the oncoming snow or freezing rain that will stick to the roads.

This process is also better on costs by using less materiel after the conditions have already begun.

Fun Fact:

The ice that you see in the huge bags at the local store is actually the same as the kind you would sprinkle on your food at a restaurant, but larger and a lot purer. We could be eating pink or grey salt if not for processing.

Shovelling Snow can create health risks

Many people in high snow areas of the UK to go out and shovel periodically during snowfall or after. However, this work can actually be causing physical harm that can lead to heart stress.

Consider DE-icing before a storm to prevent the snow from sticking to surfaces that are highly travelled to enter or exit the home to prevent icy and slippery ground.

Salting will help to keep surfaces resistant to the otherwise freezing snow/rain on the concrete, wood or asphalt. It allows a slick clearing and ease of clean up by dissolving the collection of water particles. Ice is scarier than a foot of snow, slipping hurts and is embarrassing.

If you are managing a private road or a pcarpark on private property, it will be neccessary to employ a salt spreading service to prevent slips and accidents.

Ice Removal Services

There are local services that will apply salt to your home if scheduled. Please note that if requested during to before a big storm you may be in a queue and have to wait for highly trafficked areas to come first.


Salt should not be used on asphalt that is less than a year old.

Salt by itself will not harm the surface, but because salt has an effect on water that can increase moisture and pressurize water, it can cause scaling in your new driveway/footpath.

Instead, you can use a sealer for residential use.

Salt is usually used with an active agent that will allow it to work more effectively and work harder longer and faster than just regular salt alone.

Deicing chemicals will prevent new ice from forming and keep traction on surfaces.