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Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing a Custom Printed Lanyard

Businesses nowadays don’t just rely on traditional marketing materials such as posters, tarpaulin banners, and brochures. Instead, they make use of wearable giveaways such as promotional lanyards to get the traction they need for their campaigns or events.

Lanyards are not only cheap and easy to customize but also quite versatile and fashionable. If you’re planning on using this type of item for your brand as well, then you need to know how to pick the right type. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts when shopping for a custom imprinted lanyard.

Do pick a lanyard that best suits your needs

List your goals for your promo campaign. Do you need it for brand awareness? Do you need lanyards for raising funds? Understanding how you want to use giveaway lanyard will help you narrow down your choices and even set your budget.

You must also consider the design you want to imprint on the fabric. How many colors does your design have? Does it have a lot of details? Does it only include letters and basic shapes? By having a full grasp of the design concept, you can decide which type of printing method and lanyard style and width to pick.

Do check the offers of your chosen manufacturer

There are plenty of companies you can contact in case you need customized lanyards. One example is Each company offers different items and customization options. You may also notice differences in their pricing and project completion and delivery policies.

Hence, before you complete a transaction with a company, see to it that you double-check everything. Compare their pricing of your target company with the rest of the manufacturers. Read what their customers say about their offers. Find out about the printing method they use to print designs. Learn everything you can before you fill out and submit the order forms.

Don’t forget about the attachment and safety features!

Lanyards are equipped with attachment clips that your customers or staff can use to hold their IDs, gadget, keys and other valuables. In most cases, manufacturers provide customers the option to select a specific type of attachment to include the package. It’s crucial to check whether the attachment clip included fits your needs.

Lastly, you should consider adding safety features. This is extra crucial especially if you want to distribute your lanyards to kids or people who work in a hazardous environment. Your customers can easily yank the safety breakaway lanyard away from their neck in case of an emergency to prevent chocking.

Don’t miss out on bulk deals

It’s way cheaper to order customized lanyards in bulk. Consider ordering in large volumes especially if you plan to distribute the lanyards in multiple events. Bulk orders will help you save a ton of cash most especially if you’re a mid-sized business. It would be far convenient to have your branded lanyards ready in the storage instead of ordering them by batch.

Aside from the obvious economic benefits, opting for bulk lanyard orders also contributes to saving the environment. Instead of opting for multiple delivery dates and paying for high shipping costs, you can have everything shipped all at once. With a single delivery trip, you can help in reducing carbon emissions and fuel intake of shipping vehicles.

Promotional lanyards continue to be a popular item used by businesses in and out of the country. As more brands make use of lanyards for their promotional campaigns, there’s a pressing need to find ways for yours to stand out. This can be done by choosing items wisely and creating a memorable and unique design. Use the four do’s and don’ts above as your guide when you shop.